Living in Nîmes at the heart of a residential area !

Newcomer in Nîmes, you are looking for an apartment? Discover Les Jardins de Pasteur student property: you will enjoy the quiet neighborhood of this property located in a residential area, while being close to the city center (15 minutes) and its activities. You will also appreciate the comfortable accommodations and the many services.
Studying in a city with an exceptional historical heritage
Nîmes counts 10,990 students divided in different institutions of higher education. The Fine Arts School, the IFAG (Management School) and the multidisciplinary University of Nîmes offer training from bachelor degree to PhD. In your free time you can go to the aquatic center, the golf club, the theater, the museum or enjoy the historical heritage of the city (the Maison carrée, the hexastyle Roman temple built at the beginning of the first century AD, the Notre-Dame-et-Saint-Castor Cathedral, the Nimes Arena (Roman amphitheatre) and the splendid “Pont du Gard “ (Roman bridge). You will also like the many shops of the city and its restaurants, bars and cafes. Concerning public transport, the city is served by the train and you can move in Tram'bus. Special fares are offered to people under 26: monthly subscription is € 16 and annual subscription is € 168.